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Customization, ISRC Embedding, Closed Captions


At Roc Video Promo we customize all of our clients music videos which includes creating an attractive Chyron that includes all of your song data as well as your album title, directors, cinematographer, production house, info along with your company logo and single cover artwork. Roc Video Promo take the time to place your company logo at the conclusion of the your video including copyright logo and the year of your video composition. All of this information is important as it helps programmer's identify the artist and record label along with all the elements of the the video so they can the metadata into their database. Does your music video need any form of edits? No problem we can blur blunt smoking,  License plates, Strippers, re-stripe clean MP3. We will make a clean version of your video with no problem as our editors are experience and has worked with all top major brands throughout the US.

Think of how great is to have your song and video credit metadata all visible to programmers on one frame so network standards department and curators that can easily program your video into their data as oppose to having to look through a video file with multiple artist or even worst a mixed DVD, with numerous artist from different record labels in order to find an artist song and video credit. This is what you want to avoid. We at Roc Video Promo would like to know that we don't bundle artist video projects together. All artist video files are separate as we do understand some Music Video Promotion Companies do produce mixed DVD's and send to programmers. We tend to find it tacky and its just another way to cut cost at the expense of the artist and record label. We stopped distributing Beta, 3/4, Mini DV and DVD tapes back in 2013 as our mostly accept video files via digital delivery and when do produce tapes their all customized with the artist Song Title, Single Artwork Cover, Record Label Info, Social Media info, ISRC Embeded, Closed Captioning as you can see in our example below. 














Our duplication house works with today's state of the art equipment and customized lazer printing as opposed to artist videos bunched up together on one DVD or Beta tape. We at Roc Video Promo work toward prioritizing our artist video campaigns and maximizing results through promo assets and weekly video reports to expand our campaign reach.


ISRC Embedding:

Have you wondered how the ISRC code gets connected to the audio/video file when you upload it for sale, and how sales and royalties are tracked?

Embedding ISRC codes helps those who carry your work identify your songs and videos more easily. This aids them in tracking revenues, plays, etc. It is also beginning to be required in some cases. Embedding can help prevent song or video misidentification as well. In addition, if you ever lose your ISRC code, you will be able to retrieve it from your file if needed.

Closed Captions:

By adding closed captions to your videos, you allow more viewers to enjoy your content—even with the sound turned off. Closed Captions are a standard for Broadcast and Network Specifications. We at Roc Video Promo will Closed Caption your music video at no cost to you once you choose one of our campaign plans. We will get your video closed caption. If you are planning to get your music video distributed please contact us at 323-825-1723 or email us at  

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