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H Ryda and E-40 are stuffing the duffel bags full of cash and moving it securely in the armored cars

As a child, Hassachi was fortunate enough to be around rap legend Tupac Shakur and original Thug Life member Big Syke. In 1996, when Hassachi was coming into his own as an artist he would suffer a setback as Tupac was killed in a drive-by-shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Things would get even worse for Hassachi. On the one year anniversary of Tupac's death, his big brother passed away. It was real hard for him to overcome such a great loss and as a result, he moved to Las Vegas, where he continued to work on his music. Hassachi would continue to be around he influence of Tupac as he would eventually hook up with Tupac's group, the Outlawz. Hassachi guest appeared on the song "Mask Down" on the Outlawz's LP, Ride With Us Or Collide Wit Us. Hassachi would soon after wards also make an appearance on Thug Life-Outlawz's compilation, Thug Law Volume 1. The song "Don't Make Me" also featured New Jersey rapper Muszamil. Hassachi and Muszamil would go on to collaborate on many future projects and have also formed a group together called Tha Youth. Fans can clearly feel a natural chemistry between the two on tracks like "Westside Outlawz" "Stay Safe" and others. These two are clearly carrying the torch for Tupac on. Hassach also known as H Ryda is currently in the process of finishing his debut LP, which is scheduled to be released later this year. H Ryda has worked hard to put the finishing touches on his upcoming project and has also finished a DVD project which gives people a chance to see how H Ryda is living by getting an inside behind the scene's view of the rappers life. H Ryda is set to drop various new projects ranging from his debut album and a big untitled group project. Also look out for the debut of his official website Fans should keep their ears and eyes open for H Ryda.

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