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Gee Kazz "Setooo" Video Buzz!!!!

Gee Kazz is a multinational song writer, stage performer and model born to French/Nigerian parents. in 2012 GEE KAZZ relocated to the U.S to pursue more exposure and solidify his talent as an artist. After debuting his mixtape rebirth of kingship which got good reviews from the online community, his talent was noticed by Bright Enabulele CEO of Brightlife music. GEE KAZZ “SETOOO” SINGLE IS SCHEDULED TO BE RELEASED ON JANUARY 28TH ON itunes AND IN STORES THROUGH BRIGHTLIFE MUSIC AND DISTRIBUTED THROUGH TOMMY BOY. tommy boy is also handling radio on the project and plance on taking it to the top 40's dance chart. gee kazz "setooo" video is a hot dance video which features a kool variety of dancers on set choreographed by kelley pahamotang. THE “SETOOO” VIDEO was SHOT IN KORDOVA DOWNTOWN LA AND DIRECTED BY CHRISTIAN STRICKLAND & Bright Enabulele AND PRODUCED BY Jared Lundy & Moya Strickland FOR THIRD EYE FILMS.

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