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I.X.O "Dopamine" Video Added to CMC The Beat Lounge

I.X.O. "Dopamine" Video Roc Video Promo

I.X.O "Dopamine" Video

Waco-based MC I.X.O (born Robert Lamar Johnson IV) is an upcoming rap artist, trademarked by his mastery of lyricism, exuberant performances, and unique sense of style branded as Swanky. I.X.O devises and delivers lyrics with a brazen and expressive eloquence, stringing together prose and poetry that derives from his upbringing in Waco. A passionate philanthropist and a classic southern gentleman, I.X.O volunteers within his community and with schoolchildren to aid positive inner-city development. He harnesses his intellect to challenge the status quo by integrating into his lyrics his love for history, religion, popular culture and a energy summoned from his ancestors that draws fans deeply into each one of his compositions.

I.X.O began to garner local acclaim with the release of his debut studio album "Memoirs of my Inner Me" "Memoirs of My Inner Me" was a concept album comprised of experiences in I.X.O's life and drew inspiration from Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" album. It wasn't until his live broadcasted interview and performance with the Dallas View Radio Station, which was dubbed as the best in the history of the radio station; for him to launch into the statewide discussion of rappers. I.X.O is currently wrapping up his second studio album "Sun of Son's".

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