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Twin Uncut "U Ain't Talkin Bout Ish" Now Airing on CMCTV The Beat Lounge

Twin Uncut "U Ain't Talkin' Bout Ish" On CMC Roc Video Promotion

Loving the creative process, “You Ain’t Talking Bout S**t” rap artist, Twin Uncut, actually has a twin who shares the same passion for music as he was also a cameo in the video. Born Jamehl Harville, Detroit is where he made his entrance into the world and honed his skills of writing song lyrics. When he is not crafting his sound and lyrics, he is playing the keyboard in his spare time. Twin Uncut has been a avid fan of Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B, Techno & Rock and has been rapping since the 80's with his favorite artist being Dr. Dre along with other modern artist inspiring Twin from Kashif, Prince, Micheal Jackson & Stevie Wonder. KRS 1, Dr Dre, Drake, Pharrell & Kanye West. Twin and his brother has been collecting music for years. Being an outspoken artist Twin had a single called "We Ain't Holdin' em Up!" which played on major radio station such as WJLB in Detroit. Twin Uncut was also featured on a song called "Everywhere We Go We Deep!" with Detroit's own Trick Trick which made a huge buzz on the streets as it was featured in quite a few local Mixtapes. The song has gotten over 30,000 spins to date. Twin has done interviews on college radio stations and had his videos aired on a local tv shows throughout Detroit. Twin Uncut and his brother has produced over 200 tracks and got placements with local artist along with their group Exit-Gr9nd who recently won the Get Put On With Avion contest Sponsored by Young Jeezy, WJLB, and iHeartRadio in Las Vegas. Twin has sold over 2,000 of his 'Relevant' album back in 2012 in the Detroit area and has been featured on albums like Trick trick “G-4 Life” in 1995 and Twin has been mentioned in The Detroit Free Press. Twin Uncut has played with a lot local musicians and has opened up for Jay-Z, lil Boosie, Big Mike, Slim Thug and Bone Thugs and has performed in venues such as Joe Lewis Arena, the Phoenix Center, State Theater, COBO Hall, the Masonic temple & St. Andrews to name a few. Twin Uncut has recently finish wrapping up the Big Heff’s Streets Most Wanted Tour in Las Vegas in which he was one of the performing acts. Twin Uncut has a variety of fans ranging from R&B and Hip-hop to an EDM audience that flock to his brand as he brings a fresh stand point with quick witty lyrics and depth in his production. When Twin Uncut was asked where do you hope to be as a musician in the near future? I just want to be able to make enough money support my family, help my community and inspire folks to positive creativity! Twin Uncut has recently released his single and video “You Ain’t Talking Bout S**t” which is streaming on Spotify and available for sale on iTunes. Twin Uncut is currently working on the EXIT GR9ND album which consist of his twin brother and his wife Nia which will also be released off Twin Uncut new label he recently formed called Hybrid Entertainment, LLC.

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