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IZZAT Feat BRBN - Another Life Music Video Now Airing On Music Choice

IZZAT Feat BRBN Another Life Airin On Music Choice @Rocvideopromo

IZZAT (Izzat Halikov) (was born in 14 June 1988 in creative family) is an international record producer, songwriter and singer from Uzbekistan.

At the age of 12 he started showing signs of his interest and innate capability in music formation as he was able to effortlessly produce an excellent piece of folk music for children. During his teenage only he started performing live with a wedding band and learnt more about this profession and its technicalities. In 2003 he attended a conservatory of piano, there he became more comfortable with the environment of music creation and started experimenting with it. He also composed music for a band of his friends in the conservatory. In 2006 he joined a university with a conservatory and learnt more about the skills of Sound Producers.

He also worked in foreign countries as a music arranger and sound producer.

Izzat’s unique talent has always been complemented by experience throughout his journey with the music industry. He is goal driven and an enthusiast and nowadays his energies are vested towards: Electronic Dance Music, Deep House, Euro dance, Pop, and other Progressive genres. Other than that he is working on a variety of professional projects as well.

Biography BRBN:

American singer and songwriter, BRBN (Bourbon), is just as smooth and dignified as the rich spirit itself. With an irresistible blend of different flavors and complex layers, her sultry vocals and edgy lyrics come together to create the perfect combination of timelessness and sensuality.

Born in the Bronx, and raised in Hudson County New Jersey, BRBN delivers a sound and lingo true to her urban roots, yet inspired by classic artists such as Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, and Billie Holiday.

Appropriately titled "Drink Me Up", her forthcoming EP is the perfect cocktail for you to sit down with, enjoy, and drink up until the last drop is gone.

As a preview of what is to come, pours us a shot of her sweet yet powerful sound with her album single, rightfully titled "Drink Me Up". This sultry track is sure to leave you yearning for a tall glass of BRBN on the rocks.

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