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Ro$ewood Renegade "SUMMA" Now Playing Music Choice

Rosewood Renegade  "SUMMA" Roc Music Video Promotion

Being born, Jimmy Brown Jr., and raised by a family of musicians active in the Austin, Texas area Ro$ewood Renegade was inspired to play music from both sides of his lineage. His interest in performing began at an early age. From leisure time spent with his family in Austin, he gained an appreciation and understanding for music that would later influence the sound he would create in years to come. Ever defining the Texas rap sound with an instinctive flow and sharp-witted lyrics he creates music that is gratifying to the ears. Never being afraid to speak his mind at any given time; has granted him the flexibility to hone his musical skills.

With the release of 5 mixtapes that showcase his range of flow, an album is not far behind, and it is sure to be a classic. His mixtapes are significant bodies of work in their own right, which is great for fans as they're getting lots of high-quality new music. His mixtapes, “Money Mitch”, “i Hustle”, and “Its About Me” have all helped in creating social buzz while expressing his creativity.

Feel free to check out samples of Renegade’s music on his website And to find out more about upcoming music releases or live performances and current events, you can follow him on Facebook at Jay Jimbo Brown, on Twitter @renegadedotcom, or on Instagram @ i_am_renegade.

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