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Jupiter In Velvet - Supercharged Video Now Playing on Music Choice

Jupiter In Velvet - Supercharged Music Choice

Jupiter called "SUPERCHARGED" which is a hot Pop Alternative song and video. The song is a Pop Alternative song and video full of action and cinematic. The video was shot in London and Directed by JC Verona. In the SUPERCHARGED song Jupiter expresses his love for his girlfriend and the ups and downs as it's shown in the screenplay by JC Verona. SUPERCHARGED is 2nd single off Jupiter's In2 the Arms of Love and is a follow up from his I'M SO READY single and video. The video is full of energy and the title fits the song and video. Jupiter is actually Coach William Stacy Maloney who was inducted into the US Gymnastics Hall of Fame for coaching Paul & Morgan Hamm to winning Silver & Gold Medals in 2003 & 2004 in Gymnastic Men for Team USA.

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