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Sydney Eggleston - The Source Article

For Sydney, Eggleston music is the reason she’s here. She writes and produces, to make herself accessible to the world, hoping to positively affect many lives on her journey. Sydney’s goal is, to push boundaries in her quest for closeness and intimacy.

Sydney is a German-American, who grew up in Germany in the small Lower Saxony town of Varel. She was influenced by icons like Stevie Wonder, Mozart, Rihanna and Alicia Keys. Her musical career began at the early age of five with classical piano lessons, followed by jazz piano-, guitar-, trumpet- and vocal training.

Sydney remembers her parents telling her, how they secretly watched her sneak down to the basement, to sing and play on her father’s old Yamaha SY-77 keyboard. The strange thing was, she was only three years old and did not know how to turn the power on. Her parents told her, they knew then what she was born to be, and that she had a lot to say.

At the age of 11, she was accepted into a gifted children’s program, where she received special training for three years. During this time, Sydney has won several local, state and national competitions for classical piano and vocals.

At the age of 16 Sydney began her professional music career by releasing her first single, “Hit That Drum”, followed by her first album “Destiny” in 2017. After “Destiny”, everyone was justifiably curious about how and if Sydney has or would develop musically. The 22- year-old has definitely grown musically, as you can see and hear on her new urban single and video “Lost in nowhere”, which previews her next album, to be released in spring 2020. With the support of Roc Video Promotion, Lost in nowhere becomes her personal success story, which is currently aired on over 30 TV and Web channels nationwide

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