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Bombface Featured in The Source Magazine

Bombface Featured in The Source Magazine

Bombface was born in south Seattle, brought up in a single parent household full of boys. His father raised them in the Church, which was the rapper’s first introduction to music. Bombface attended the storied Rainier Beach High School, known for producing NBA athletes such as Doug Christie, Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Terrance Williams, Dejounte Murray, and Kevin Porter Jr.

Bombface was reared right but steered wrong by a life style that had him soon facing murder charges. Pleading guilty was the only viable option at the time. While serving his time, the artist began to focus solely on music writing as much as possible to sharpen his skills. The love for the art of writing grew more intense as time went on. It was also a therapeutic escape from the cold hard walls that boxed him in for years.

Upon release Bombface vowed to himself “music will always be a part of my life.” It was a form of therapy he wasn’t willing to part with ever again. While it is difficult breaking into the industry being a parolee, he made it work by any means necessary. Finding studio time where he could to hone his skills, juggling a job, and getting acclimated to a unfamiliar society was tough…but well worth it.

“Nobody can stop me, they can only make it interesting.” This is a saying Bombface lives by. His confidence is notorious for better or worse. You can hear self-esteem in every verse written by the south end native known as the “soufender” in Seattle . Rainier Beach Entertainment is the label he started in 2016 in honor of the hood he loves the most. Bombface has released six projects of Rainier Beach Entertainment including two full albums “#5300 reasons” and “3000 Days”. The Seattle slick talk is on full display in these albums. “I want the world to understand this southend spit-to-win mentality. I’m the game spitting game changer.” He is very proud of the area and it shows in his music.

Bombface has a multitude of visuals on YouTube. “Still Yo Hero”, “Shake Down”, “Made It Through”, and “Chopper” to name a few. The single titled Chopper is doing very well, with more music coming in the near future. You can also find him on instagram and twitter under @06bombface. If fans find him half as entertaining as I do he will be a major star very soon.

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