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Camaro Hayes - All You Need Video added to LATV

This multi talented artist who grew up training in acting and writing all throughout school and college. Came to the realization that music is just as big of a passion, and form of expression to him as is his work with the acting side. To help create artistic visions through music that can touch people and give the audience entertainment, hope and a new perspective.

With his new single “All You Need”, releasing officially on November 12th. It gives a new piece of a story to come off his forthcoming EP “Modern Day Bachelor”! Where it delivers a story from top to bottom on the highs and lows, trials and tribulations of being a bachelor in modern day society.

As a musical artist Camaro Hayes cannot be boxed in. The twenty-eight-year-old singer and rapper has never shied away from the line in the sand drawn between genres in music. As a child, the Dallas native grew up listening to legends such as Michael Jackson and Prince, which soon showed him what true artistry was all about.

He soon discovered Usher and got into broader influences like Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar. All of these sounds were crucial to Camaro’s sound, as he quickly found that he wanted to make music more than anything, not rap or pop or anything too narrow.


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