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EL-JAY Baby Music Video Now Playing on Tempo Networks

EL-JAY Baby Music Video Now Playing on Tempo Networks

EL-JAY is a powerhouse of multifaceted talent who possesses unmatched work ethic and focus.

EL-JAY is currently producing a feature film entitled “Triumph,” for which he also plays the starring role. In addition to this, he was recently chosen for a significant role in the new Netflix series “Young Tommy.”

Not only is EL-JAY a stellar actor, but he is also captivating audiences with his music. His new release, entitled “Baby,” has hit #1 and #2 on the iTunes Charts for South Africa and the UK, respectively. Currently, Baby has over 1.5 million streams. The mesmerizing track is accompanied by a powerful music video that was also just released.

EL-JAY's high-energy Neo-Soul, R&B and Pop style of music captures the heart and transports audiences back in time to the era of classic soul. Entertainment and music have always been present in EL-JAY’s life as he began to demonstrate creativity while showing interest in acting, music, and modeling at an early age. Apart from teaching himself how to dance by the age of five, EL-JAY drew inspiration from legendary artists like Michael Jackson. He began to mimic Michael’s every move and entertained others with his own adaptations. Born in Los Angeles, EL-JAY is the oldest of three children of multi-platinum music artist Rome, whose biggest hit was “I Belong to You.” As a result, EL-JAY has had a lifetime of musical influence from his father.

During his middle and high school years, EL-JAY put his music on hold and jumped into playing sports. After only his first year of college, however, he was drawn back to his musical and entertainment roots, picking up where he left off with his singing, writing, acting, modeling, and dancing. Given EL-JAY's raw talent and true nature, his real potential came to the fore when he had the opportunity to sing on Rome’s independent album “To The Highest” as well as in his father’s “People Of This World” video.

EL-JAY was featured in the movie "Never Heard," which was directed by Josh Webber, with his song “Special” being featured on the official soundtrack. He has also appeared in major TV shows, countless TV commercials, and music videos. Notably, he can be seen in Rae Sremmurd’s "Swang" music video, which has over 479 million views, as well as other high-profile music videos with a combined view count of over 700 million. EL-JAY also appears in the “F With U” music video by Kid Ink, a Bio Terra TV commercial, and the "Jay The Cheater" video clip. EL-JAY landed his first lead movie role in "Babylon," portraying a character named Legend.

EL-JAY’s song “What You Wanna Do,” off of his album The Journey went #1 on iTunes over Drake three times. With his signature dance that has gone viral on Triller, EL-JAY is on his way to becoming a household name.

Visit the following link to hear and purchase the album:

EL-JAY is a Billboard charting artist who has reached #2, #5, and #8 on the Billboard charts, and #20 on the Global Billboard charts.


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