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JrealityG Ft Big Hustle - Big Dawg Music Video Now Airing on CMCTV Beat Lounge

JRealityG is a modern Hip Hop artist with legendary lyrical talents. Cultivated by the southern roots his grandfather instilled in him, he has harnessed the ability to engulf his listeners through a thoroughly considerate approach to conscious lyrical content. Influenced by some of the greats such as Jay Z, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Cyhi, and Shawn Jay, JRealityG will always be authentically grounded. The realism in his voice will take you on an expedition of culture, laughter, and a renewed desire for musical expressions. His ability to craft a unique musical presence is pleasantly revealed in his upcoming release “No Congratulations”, featuring talents like Blood Raw, Big Hustle, Mo Muzik, World Renowned Brown, and Tik on the Beat. Stay tuned for an exquisite view of remarkable talents unparalleled.


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