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LC The Poet - Just Games Music Video Now Airing on Tempo Networks

LC The Poet Lets Her Emotions Pour Over Latest Single, “Just Games”

Plunging into the depths of music, LC The Poet overcame her heartbreak through her new single “Just Games” from upcoming EP, “Vulnerable Games.”

Bronx native LC The Poet is a student of hip hop and has been since coming up listening to legendary acts like 2pac, Nas, Rakim and Lauryn Hill among others. For over 14 years she has built her fanbase and released songs which she produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered all on her own in her home studio.

The feats she’s accomplished are not only inspiring but shows the dedication she holds to music. Her sound revolves around neo soul with jazzy undertones, nostalgic cadence and 90s vibes.Having gone on musical tour to the Middle East and performing at the Brooklyn HipHop festival alongside goats like Jay-Z, Jay Electronica, Raekwon, J.Cole, and Talib Kweli among others, LC The Poet is on her way to leaving her mark as one of hip hop’s greatest.

Recently, she released visuals for her new single, “Just Games” inspired by real life situations from a past relationship. It’s free of restraints, showing LC The Poet in her most vulnerable and authentic state, using the song as therapy for the hurt imposed from the traumatizing breakup. She bore the pain of reliving every account to create something that would touch someone enduring the same. “Just Games” will be included on her upcoming EP, “Vulnerable Games” which will capture LC The Poet’s every emotion experienced sailing the rough seas of past love.

Follow the Bronx artist who’s next up and check out her music video, “Just Games” for a taste of what’s to come on her EP, “Vulnerable Games.”


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