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We all can say that we had a situation where a person caused time to be wasted in our lives. Well, “I Got No Time” is the third song from LC ThePoet’s project Vulnerable Games which expresses her frustration towards her past relationship where she was misled and lied to. The lyrics showed not just clarity but creative wordplay towards the experience that made the song relatable to many relationships in this era. On the second verse she said “Treating me like I’m a rebound/ you scored when you had me down/ I was guarded from the rip/ Yous a cheater, ain’t gon’ trip.” LC The Poet referenced her favorite sport as a way to articulate the way she was being treated; now that is what you call bars!

LC The Poet has been putting in work ever since she set her goals to invest in property and build her own studio as well as investing in film equipment and teaching herself how to utilize her assets to create magic. For over a decade, LC The Poet has been consistent with her writing, traveling, and adapting to the constant changes of the music industry. She has been in the presence of goats such as Jay-z, J. Cole, Rapsody and more. LC The Poet is now building relationships with Dame Dash and other inspiring individuals.

Vulnerable Games is a well-organized project that shows a relationship starting off great to ending sour. The six track EP takes you on a journey that is real and shows how a hurtful relationship was handled. LC The Poet filmed her visuals in Los Angeles, California in association with Reba Films who is based in Avon Park, Florida. The Song is featured with artist/songwriter Reese.


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