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MF Doom Transition

MF DOOM the Genius rapper and producer has passed on. Born Danile Dumile. MF Doom was one of the founding members of the 90's trio group KMD as the music industry moves to subvert and silence underground rappers since the late 90's to push hardcore and Commercial Rap. Zev Love X remained a student of Dr. Malachi Z York as did Prodigy of Mobb Deep even after the gov't Trumped up fake charges agains't their spiritual teacher 8 Months after 911. It's difficult to grasp the sudden death of MF Doom and Prodigy but you can definitely see a pattern of death happening to artist who follow this Spiritual teacher. It wasn't all just music the man behind the mask stood for something as he found a way to propagate what he was taught in his Music.


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