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Shavarr - Natural Vibe Now Playing on Tempo Networks in the Caribbean

Shavor Richards popularly known as SHAVARR (was born on March 12, 1996) at the Victoria jubilee hospital in Kingston Jamaica. He then resided at Marvally, an inner-city community in Kingston Jamaica in a single-parent household for 11 years, at the age of 6 he started attending Marvally junior high school however because of his mother’s constant changing of residence he had to change school often. Music has always been apart of Shavarr life growing up watching his uncle, auntie, and mother singing, writing songs and knocking pots, or the closest thing they could find to make a melodious sound to go with their songs. At the age of 12, Shavarr wrote his first song titled “Secondary” a nursery rhyme that later became a school anthem. At the age of 14, Shavarr went to Meadowbrook High school where he decided to put music aside because of school, but eventually, music found him in the same school beating deck and singing with other students. Shavarr had a large fan based in all the schools he attended because of his style of singing and the creativeness he brought to his music which is inspired by Assassin aka Agent Sacco and I Wayne two popular Jamaican dancehall and reggae Icons.

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