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Yolo Ru - Mm mmm Music Video Added to over 5,000 Gyms Nationwide (Roc Music Video Promotion)

Biography: Yolo Ru is an artist and former athlete born in Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Yolo Ru, his mother, and younger brother Koon Ru relocated to America when he was a teenager for more opportunities. Yolo Ru credits his mother and Jay-Z as his greatest influences and applied their principles of determination to teach himself how to record, mix, engineer, and developed a plan to release their music. One day while recording, the police arrested Koon Ru for the murder charge mid song and he was handed 7 years. This prompted Yolo Ru to commit to keeping their dreams of being musicians active and the Ru Gang brand was born. "Make Moves Quietly and Let The Impact Be Loud!!” This is a saying that Yolo Ru lives by and it is evident in his music. Yolo Ru’s most recent releases, “Got It On Me” and “Enemies” have amassed millions of plays on streaming platforms and YouTube, and he has worked with the likes of Duke Deuce, Toosie, Idontknojeffery, and DJ Swamp Izzo. 2022 will embark on the Ru Gang brothers' 12plus year journey in music and they continue to self-fund their careers and brands. To Listen & Download Yolo Ru: Subscribe to the official Yolo Ru YouTube Channel: Watch more of Yolo Ru music videos: Follow Yolo Ru: Instagram: Spotify: YouTube: TikTok:

Distributed by: Roc Music Video Promotion


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