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Escro - So Close Music Video #NowPlaying on #BETJams

Escro- SO Close song has over 1.2 million plays on Soundcloud and about 10,000 Shazam inquiries within a month after its release. The video is was shot in the Bahamas and Directed by SwayGFX.

Escro was born in Nassau Bahamas. Escro started to rap at the age of 16. Escro learned to play the Piano at an early age as he later started to write and produce for himself and other artist while his biggest musical influencers always remain to be Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley & Jimmy Hendrix. When asked why do you continue to do music. Just felt like I could make some cool records for people to vibe to. Escro is pretty straight forward and down to earth as he is very passionate about his music and sound. Escro has his own particular sound coined in Hip Hop, Rap and R&B. Escro plans to release an eclectic EP in September called Mood with a wavy range of various hits like “So Close” which recently had a major World Premiere on BET Jams and “The One” which also aired on BET Jams and is currently being distributed worldwide. Escro plans to make a musical imprint by showcasing to the world what he can do as music is the main driver in Escro’s life.

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