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Catch Glancy Kelly ft. B-Lean - Just Right Music Video Today on BET Jams 7.31.22

The reason why R&B has such a massive fan following is that it has a brilliant universal approach and creative melodies. Young and rising R&B artist Glancy Kelly have stepped into the music scene armed with his marvelous singing ability and creative artistry. He has dropped a series of captivating soundtracks such as ‘Just Right’ featuring B-lean and ‘C'est La Vie’ among others making a great impression on the audience. His next two singles, ‘Be Here’ and ‘Tie It Up’ are also rich in upbeat and entertaining rhythms with a healthy dose of versatility. The Texas-based singer-songwriter is determined to bring a change in the contemporary R&B scene with his unparalleled ways of constructing chords and arranging rhythms. He refuses to stay within the limits of a single genre and introduces the best elements from other genres in his music as well. His power-packed yet penetrative vocals add an exceptional thrill and exotic vibes to his music. He has a unique way of expressing his views and emotions through the eloquent storytelling of his music. Working with his own production house Glancy Kelly Music, the multi-talented artist is releasing compelling music exuding positive vibes. He made it to the top 10 auditioning for American idol earlier in his career. Glancy Kelly has teamed up with upcoming rapper B-lean for his new song, ‘Just Right’ featuring an extraordinary blend of soulful rhythms and pummeling rap verses. His other songs ‘C'est La Vie’, ‘Be Here’, and ‘Tie It Up’ take the audience to a reverie of acoustic satisfaction. Follow him on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates. Here are the links to these tracks:


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