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Augustine Kiawu, but well known as Lyrico Godchild born and raised in Liberia, a country on the west coast of Africa. Lyrico came to the united states in 2002, Nov 2. He live in Maryland, silver spring for a year, than move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 1, 2003. Where he met couple of African and black american rappers. After a freestyle sessions, Augustine was given the name Lyrico. Ever since than, Lyrico have become one of the best African artist in the African and american community. Lyrico was the founders and CEO for Lyrico/LIB Record. A hip pop record and productions company, Lyrico was arrested and jail for a crime carrying a charges of 40yrs of jail time if he is found guilty. This is when Lyrico's life took a turn, while serving jail time in Doylestown, Pennsylvania at the Buck county correctional facility. Lyrico had a powerful vision of the Lord God Almighty, according to Lyrico Godchild. He heard a very powerful and steady Lil voice, yet loud enough and calm. In the vision, he was instructed to accept Christ Jesus, the SON OF GOD as his personal Lord and Savior. And give his life to God, because he was created to serve GOD and do his works. More over GOD told him, if you do this and Harken to my voice and obey me and do all that i tell you. I GOD will bless you and fight your battle and take you from jail and transform your life in so much ways that those who knew you before will be surprise and wont believe that you are the same person they once knew.

On March 17, 2009, Lyrico was released on bail and all charges was drop against Lyrico as GOD promise him. Since then, Lyrico has change his life and decided to use his gifts to do GOD's works. Since then Lyrico have decided to live for Christ and do his work as he was commanded. Currently Lyrico is a faithful and true minister of the Gospel of Christ and also part of the deliverance ministry in Church Of The Divine Covenant, which is located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Bro Augustine, also call Lyrico Godchild, is currently marry to Mrs Julie M. Kiawu with 3 beautiful kids. Lyrico decided to get rid of the hip pop label, and turn it into a gospel label to preach GOD'S WORD for GOD's Glory through Christ, Lyrico is the owner of K-N-G Gospel Kingdom LLC, a gospel company that consist of a gospel label(Divine Record), a production label(Lyrico Ent), music publishing, Artist development etc... In 2016, Lyrico recorded his first EP title(I.S.M) I AM SENT ME. Which was released off his own indie label KNG MUSIC GROUP/DIVINE RECORDS. The EP was to test the water, and create some type of path for me said LYRICO GODCHILD. In 2017 of Feburary 14, Lyrico re-released the EP through SUGO MUSIC GROUP, one of the music industry powerhouse independent distribution company. To listen to the EP, click on Lyrico's music tab which is a sub menu under Lyrico's bio tab. check Lyrico out on KNG GOSPEL KINGDOM website





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