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The Legendary Smooth B Feat. The Outlawz - BEFORE (Remix)

Smooth B… So Nice He Tops DRT Charts Thrice When you think of hip hop there are a few groups that are part of the category “Classic Hip Hop.” Such is the case with hip hop legend and icon The Legendary Smooth B. (Other half of Nice & Smooth) Over his forty years in the entertainment business he has gotten funky with you. We have heard him sometimes rhyme slow and sometimes rhyme quick. We have enjoyed it all to the point that he has made us hip-hop junkie. His fans and supporters over the years have stayed with him and for their loyalty he has always given them the opportunity to have their cake and eat it too! Although age is always a factor in the business of selling records there is one rule: You can’t deny a hit!” That supersedes everything! Since his last three releases, The Legendary Smooth B has shown his fans and supporters that he has definitely transitioned from the old to the new. Yet, still brining you hits! Recently, Smooth B has been helping upcoming artists (including his son, Malachi The God) produce and write music. As a producer, he would give tips and say rhymes to show examples of his points. Every time he did, everyone in the studio kept asking; “Why did you stopped recording?” It got so compelling that even when he was out in the streets his fans and supporters would ask; “When are you going to release a solo album?” It got to the point that Smooth B finally said; “I’m gonna let it go!” So, he did. Despite Covid, Smooth B along with his life-long friend and current manager, Matthew Big I-God Williams released his first solo single; “Before.” What happened after was a combination of musical magic and love. Not only did MTV add his video to their rotation, but the song debuted at 96 on the DRT Top 200 Radio Airplay chart for major label artist even though he is an independent. It also debuted at number 10 on the indie chart. Since you can’t deny a hit the song became #1 on both charts affirming to Smooth B that his song and career is still blazing hot! Barnes Entertainment Music Group (BEMG) his and Big I God own label and their new joint venture is on the rise! The industry because of his age and it being a little pessimistic said it was a fluke. Smooth B proved them wrong with another #1 hit on the DRT charts entitled. “Summer Cry.” As if that wasn’t enough he came back with another song currently #3 on the charts expanding his market to the Hispanic demographic with the “Spanish Fly Remix” of “Before.” Yes, get ready for more because Smooth B is paving the path for the rest to follow. Age is but a number, yet talent lasts forever! Still bringing more and more hits Smooth B is dropping the remix video with The Outlawz in the video. Smooth B went straight west coast on this one. Showing the industry and everyone who is paying attention (and up on it) that it doesn’t matter what coast or country, hip hop the culture and the music is here to stay! Including chart-topping hip-hop legend and icon; The Legendary Smooth B. Be sure to stay connected follow him on IG @thelegendarysmoothb or Facebook @thelegendarysmoothb and on YouTube @thelegendarysmoothb


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